Dr Gillian McNab

[vc_row][vc_column][us_person image=”970″ name=”Dr Gillian McNab” role=”Research Fellow” layout=”square” img_size=”medium” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/gillian-mcnab-aa40b050/” el_class=”staff-single”]Dr Gillian McNab is an experienced immunologist with over 20 years of expertise covering molecular and cellular biology in cancer, diabetes, lung, liver and reproductive medical research. She has a sound understanding of both scientific and clinical research, with skills and experience essential to the effective and cost-efficient management of highly regulated scientific activities and projects.

In her previous role as Trial Coordinator in the Early Drug Development Team for the Cancer Research Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) at the University of Birmingham, Gill managed a number of academic Phase I and II clinical trials. Her role covered trial protocols, submission and conduct of clinical trials in agreement with ethical, regulatory and CRTCU standards, data collection, organisation and management of collaborative groups.

At MD-TEC, she supports SMEs by providing guidance on clinical trials necessity, related time lines, costs, protocols, investigations and tasks. Based on her extensive laboratory experience, Gill can also assist in laboratory testing and processes focused on medical device pre-clinical analysis and regulatory approval.