Professor James Wolffsohn

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James S Wolffsohn is a Professor of Optometry and has been at Aston University in Birmingham since 2000. Prior to this, James was a Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne Australia. His group focuses on the development and testing of ophthalmic instrumentation for the diagnosis and management of refractive error and eye disease:

Aston University Ophthalmic Research Group

Professor Wolffsohn also has an interest in biomedical engineering more broadly, having set-up a biomedical engineering Bachelors and Masters programme at Aston in 2014. His research has been funded by numerous funding agencies, including the UK research councils (Innovate UK, EPSRC), the EU (FP7), the regional development agency (AWM), Johnson and Johnson, Alcon, CooperVision, Hoya, Zeiss and many other industrial collaborators. He has published more than 190 full peer-reviewed papers, 265 reviewed conference abstracts, 22 book chapters, two books and has filed five patent applications. His work has been cited on more than 6000 occasions.